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One day in our life a new day has come

Picasso Head

My son Matej ( 9 months old) play with iPad (4 photos)

Making of Ema's trilogy october 12&13, 2011. (4 photos)

Living to the fullest

Holiday 2011

New websites

Walt Disney about life

Very true

Baby Matej

Matej (Matthew)

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Decinja moi, najubaj na svetov

My son Matthew

Albert Einstein about logic vs imagination

Picasso (Ruiz) quote

Lao Tzu quote

Matej Bogdanoski website

Matej,Ema i Nade

New look for the rest of 2011

Albert Einstein about creativity

My handwriting is not bad. I just have my own Font.

Henry Ford quote

As a father

The work will teach you how to do it


Ema & Matej

Walter Scott great mind quote

Info created by Goce Bogdanoski based on Photo Focus

Astronomy Picture of the Day

The world is projected to be unjust

You've got to check out this great GoAnimate video: "I and my family"


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